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What information must be marked on food packaging bags?

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Food safety has long been a hot topic. The China Food and Drug Administration conducts strict supervision upon foods. Due to direct contact with the food, safety of the packaging bags is directly related to the food safety. Besides the requirement that food packaging bags must meet the food-level standards, strict requirement shall also be met for the processing techniques to comply with the stipulations of safe production of food.

Now, we’re talking about what information shall be marked on the food packaging bags when the food manufacturer is customizing the packaging bag and designing the pattern on the packaging bag. It’s intended to strengthen the supervision on food manufacturers on one hand, and allow consumers to clearly identify the food manufacturer and food ingredients so as to choose foods freely on the other hand.

As clearly defined in the Food Hygiene Law, such information must be apparently marked on the package or instructions of food products as: product name, processing mode, formula, major ingredients, execution standard No., production certificate No., hygiene certificate No., production date, warranty, weight, edible method and nutrient ingredients. Food taboos and allergens, if any, shall also be noted, as well as the place of origin, factory name, factory address and contact methods. For products produced by OEM, the manufacturer and production factory shall also be noted. Information on food packaging bag of our client is listed below for reference: (To refer to more designs for food packaging bags, click the Food Packaging Bag column for review)
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