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Difference between Aluminum Foil Bags, Composite Bags and Vacuum Bags

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According to the unique features of aluminum, the sealing machine manufactures aluminum foil bags with aluminum and other highly resistant materials by the dry compounding method.

Major film substrates of composite bags: BOPA BOPETBOPP films may be printed on the external layer, while CPPPE film and co-extrusion film can be thermally sealed on the internal layer. AL aluminum foil is also one option. Features and difference between aluminum foil bags and composite packaging bags: Aluminum foil bag refers to those composite bags containing aluminum foil. Plastic barrel sealing machine compounds the composite film with glue.

Rare structures of aluminum foil bags: PET/PA/PE or CPPPET/AL/CPPPA/AL/CPPPET/PA0/AL/CPP. Basic characteristics: PE is suitable for use at low temperature, CPP for steaming/stewing at high temperature, PA for intensifying the physical strength and penetration resistance, and AL for reinforcing the resistance. For milk tea sealing machine, PET will normally be used at the intermediate layer to strengthen the mechanical strength and stiffness. According to different demands, the toy plastic suction machine combines all features. Some transparent one is intended to boost its resistance against oxygen, humidity and moisture. Aluminum foil bag with PVA highly resistant coating has metal gloss. Filling sealing machine shows high reflection of heat and light. The printing color of vacuum packaging bags and aluminum foil bags are brighter and more beautiful.

Aluminum foil bags feature good resistance, strong maintenance, watertightness and airtightness. Thus, the plastic suction machine can effectively prevent against humidity and vaporization, harm by bacteria and insects for the contents, maintaining a good shape. Shielding or elution method can be used for partial aluminizing to acquire any pattern and transparent window. Aluminum foil sealing machine allows the clients to see the contents. It’s a major technical progress, an apparent feature of aluminum foil bags and the difference between the composite bags, aluminum foil bags and vacuum bags.
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